Friday, November 13, 2009

a little update on my light

So i decided to rebuild the structure housing the light, heres a few pics.

I put the usb port neatly in the back

And I left the front open, so you can see the circuit board through the glass.

The arm now has a little operator, and he even has his own little set of controls :)

Hope you enjoy, I did.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lego, USB charged Lamp.

Last night, I planed on working on the LED lights in my PSP, (one broke, in the trigger) but it was way to dark in here to see the tiny parts to solider to. Without a lamp in sight, I Remembered I had a few white LEDs from a backlight to a PSPs LCD screen. I didn't plan on doing anything with them anyway, so i gathered all the damaged electronics i had in a bin, an conceived a plan. A LEGO Lamp, Charged by USB.

The Items i used:
*White Led
*A Broken Motorola Blutooth Headset
*and a bunch of LEGOs!

The Blutooth headset wouldn't connect to anything, so a friend gave it to me a while back. I planed on taking out the mic for my psp anyway. I really wasn't trying to go for pretty, I just needed a little extra light, So I threw this together real quick. I decided to use a simple on/off switch, made from a hinged lego piece, with two screws to make the connection.

The "Arm' has 5 joints, and is attached to a rotating block. The base was built around one of those glass blocks, with images lasered in them (3D like) to weigh down my lamp, and prevent it from toppling over.

Here's a lil video demonstration.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

After installing CFW!

Now that you have CFW installed on your PSP,.

now in COLOR

First things first, changing the UMD Mode

You need to reboot your psp while holding the R button, to enter the Recovery Menu.

Once inside, you need to go to configuration, and change UMD Mode to Sony NP9660. as shown.

while your here, you can change the Use VshMenu option as well, this will be your prefrence for the menu that pops up in the XMB when select is pressed. this is optional.

Exit out of these menus, and the PSP will restart.

Now that that is done, you should no lon
ger see this screen when a ISO is started.